I've worked with a huge amount of companies over the years. From the very smallest to some of Australia's largest. They all sahre common problems and needs and I've enjoted helping them find the solutions.
Photography by Anthony Edge

Over the years...

Having worked for so many diverse companies over the years I sometimes lose track of just ho many there have been. This page is a bit of a walk down memory lane but still includes companies I still do regular work for.

There are some jobs from last century that I don't have logos for. I once created the 'footage' for a segment on Channel Nine's "Our House" show call Real Estate Round Up. I've also created CD-ROMs and promotional videos. The list goes on I suppose.

Some of the companies below have been kind enough to write testimonials.

I've given the original Renault Australia website a facelift and fix since it was handed over to me looking fairly sick. I continue to update and maintain it for them.

Were lacking any continuity in their branding. They got a new logo and stationery.

Starting from nothing. Sagatori got a name, logo, website and stationery.

With a number of home-made logos all over their stationery, products and websites, they really needed one logo to use everywhere. They picked the top one.

I've done a lot of work helping World Vision with some of the sections within their website.

Another company with great product, but no face.
A new logo would soon fix that.

The Victorian arm of this successful pool installation and manufacturing company needed an updated logo.

Another logo and businesscard client.

Another business that was looking for some solid branding.

A new company back in the late 90's who needed logo and brochure development.

When Victoria decided to roll out a new poublic transport ticketing system to cover trains, trams and buses a serious public education initiative was also launched. I developed the first Metcard website as well as designed the majority of newspsper advertisments that ran almost daily for many months.

I've been designing, building and maintaining Nissan Australia's websites for the last five years.

Australian Dairy Corporation
– Knowledge Management Division needed a recognisable face. So they got a logo.

Jodie Skipper's Ski School had a very ugly website that really didn't instill confidence in what is a truely world class service.

Click Names had the people and the name, but no branding. A logo and some business cards got them on their way.

A strong logo and new business cards kicks off another excellent small business.

New South Wales Businesslink was centralising a number of services into one call centre. The Service Centre needed a browser based tool to solve a knowledge management crisis and a logo to boot.

Another NSW Businesslink project needing a face.

Inspar specialises in internet video technologies. They need a corporate ID. They picked the bottom logo and also got some business cards.

Back in the teething days of ecommerce I was doing interface updates to SureLink's own class leading ecommerce gateway tool TransAct 4.

In the mid 90's real estate on the internet was not a very viable option. I worked in delevoping Raine & Horne's early online solutions.

Client History