It’s hard to convince strangers of the levels of service they can expect in such a personal service environment. So I’ve asked some of my recent clients to put some of their experiences on paper.
Photography by Anthony Edge

My Clients comment on their experiences














"Quite simply Anthony Edge provides a low cost, personalized, rapid response solution to the website management needs of Renault Australia. We couldn't be happier."

- Ian McLean - Marketing Manager, Renault Australia


"We consistently rely on him to deliver to tight deadlines and solve complex web solutions. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to other organizations looking for similar services."

- Matt Baily, Marketing Communications Manager, Nissan Motor Co.


"Anthony Edge has proven, through several very successful projects, to be one of the few people who can take a very sketchy briefing or high level concept and manipulate that into a creative piece that far exceeds expectations..."

- Simon Kriss, CEO & President, Sagatori


"I am particularly impressed with the speed and proficiency he gets his work done. He is constantly in communication with me regarding new ideas and developments and implements these aspects into his work immediately."

- Jodie Skipper