Here's some old backgrounds from years gone by. I'll add more soon enough.
Photography by Anthony Edge

Desktop backgrounds


.zip (1600x1200) 830kb

Quantum Foam
.zip (1600x1200) 1001kb

Positive Energy
.zip (1600x1200) 901kb

Parade of Iguanas
.zip (1600x1200) 660kb

Kodak 35mm 02

.zip (1600x1200) 889kb

Autumn Rain
.zip (1600x1200) 985kb

I have - You want

.zip (1600x1200) 830kb

Lightbox Positives

.zip (1600x1200) 655kb

Seven Thousand Degrees

.zip (1600x1200) 310kb

Parade of Iguanas Orange

.zip (1600x1200) 391kb

Kodak 35mm Walt

.zip (1600x1200) 1.07Mb

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