This dot-com company was climbing the IT ranks in the late 90's. Unfortunately when the stock market bubble burst so did their ability to employ most of their staff. Being the last of the Graphic Design team, that department would remain closed forever. I was given this letter of recommendation.


September 4, 2001


Anthony Edge was employed as a Graphic Designer with MultiEmedia and Zonewerx from 12 January 1999 until 31 August 2001.

Zonewerx is the development business unit of MultiEmedia, specialising in the development of Web site publishing, e-commerce, portal automation, e-mail, domain and intranet tools for distribution partners wanting to deploy customised e-business and community applications to their SME and consumer customers.

Anthony was responsible for the provision of design skills and services for the concept, creation and development of corporate branding, marketing materials, application interfaces and usability testing of applications.

Other responsibilities included:

Anthony was also required to be able to undertake design aspects of projects that included:

His proactive approach to team management and on-time delivery of tasks resulted in Anthony being involved with all major local and international projects includng our presentation, promotional and corporate requirements for Annual General Meetings, CeBIT 2000/1 and TechEd 2000.

Anthony has excellent communication and presentation skills and was a valued and well-respected member of the MultiEmedia team. He performed all of his responsibilities to expectations. Anthony's role was made redundant as a result of a corporate restructure and he will be missed.

Please contact me should you require further information.

Yours faithfully,


Darron Hutchison
General Manager - International Operations

Photography by Anthony Edge
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