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Photography by Anthony Edge

Anthony Edge - Web/Graphic Designer

13th May 2004

Career Objectives:
I have a passion for design and for technology. My goals include staying up to date with the tools and methods of the industry and to use these effectively to achieve good design, functionality and usability in my work. It wasn't until I left school that I really began to understand design and I am thankful for every new client, every new brief, every new task that is presented to me. Each one allows me to grow and expand my skills and perception in a slightly new direction and I can't begin to express how much that makes me feel my self worth.

I am currently running my own small business in freelance web/graphic design. I started the business in September 2001 and have secured a number of clients to date. Although I am still interested in what working for a larger organisation can offer, I am thouroughly enjoying the challenges of working for myself, and learning new skills about sides of business I have not had much direct contact with in the past.

For the moment my two major clients are Renault and Nissan in Australia. I continue to do work for any number of other smaller companies around the country.

At MultiEmedia (my last employ) the company evolved from a services company to a software company so my role went from external clients to internal. With interface design, and consultations with back-end programmers, I was also responsible for sales and marketing materials for their products IntraZone and ZoneStudio. During this latter phase of my time with MultiEmedia I was still maintaining the website of Nissan Motor Company Australia. This involved full interface design and HTML\ASP build, Flash based special feature animated introductions (to reflect television advertising campaigns) and FTPing of updated files etc.

Strengths and Abilities:
I have a wide range of creative and analytical skills, including writing, visual design, information architecture, interaction design, audio/video and graphic production, branding, and useability testing. With ample experience with HTML, JavaScript, and other Web-enabling technologies I aim for a user based approach that keeps them focused on the target audiences' goals and expectations throughout the entire project.

My major strength is to develop Web Sites from proposal/mockup right through to a frontend build. I have had much experience dealing direct with clients to ensure that assets are delivered and that at the end of the day the client gets a product that they like, but which does not compromise form or function to achieve this. In other words, it looks good not just to me but to them, and it works.

Besides websites I'm proficient in desktop publishing and have completed marketing, sales, and packaging collateral. Other print experience includes corporate IDs and stationery, newspaper (press) ads, stickers, maps, posters, certificates and much more.

In the past I've been involved in the creation of a number of CD-ROM based applications, initially using Macromedia Director. More recently I've used Macromedia Flash to add movement colour and functionality to websites.

Some time ago I worked generating output for GTV 9's Our House for their segment "Real Estate Roundup" so have an understanding of broadcast quality requirements and the limitations of analogue television as a medium.

I am savvy in both IBM/Compatible (15+ years) and Macintosh (5 years) based systems in respect to use, maintenance, backup, archiving, CD-ROM burning, upgrades, software and OS installs and have been using the internet (and having input into it) since 1994.

With a thorough knowledge of current Internet technologies, compression, bandwidth restrictions, browser compatibilities and cognitive design, I can fully customise my work to be not only be user friendly, but be pleasant to the eye and be an enjoyable and smooth end user experience.

Internet Sites I've worked on:
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Adobe Photoshop 7
Adobe ImageReady 3
Adobe Illustrator 10
Adobe Streamline
Adobe Acrobat Suite
Macromedia DreamWeaver 2 to mx
Macromedia Flash 3 to mx
Macromedia Director 5
Macromedia Fireworks
ScreenWeaver 2.03
Quark Express 4.1
3D Studio 4
Strata 3D

Gif animation
Animated cursors
Banner Ads

Employment History:

Anthony Edge Graphic Design Services - My own business
Responsibilities: Gaining Clients, developing relationships
Solving Client needs, developing Solution Plans
Estimating costs and Quoting
Designing Mockups and Solutions
Building Webites and Company IDs
Liasing with contractors to secure informed and solid technical solutions to increase site functionality
Invoicing and Tax Documentation
Skills learnt: Client relationship management
Time management
Project monitoring and management
Supervision and delegation skills
Book keeping
Achievements: Rebuilt the Nissan Australia Website, continuing maintenance and updates
Restructured and fixed Renault Australia website, continuing maintenance and updates
Created company IDs for a number of new clients including logos, stationery and websites.
1999 - 2001
Senior Web/Graphic Designer @
Responsibilities: Maintenance of company graphic and web collateral
Supervision and training of junior staff
Client liaison and design development - concept to final product
Interface programming - HTML, JavaScript, Flash, database connectivity Interface design Site prototyping
Skills learnt: Client relationship management
Time management
Project monitoring and management
Supervision and delegation skills
Achievements: Maintained a good relationship with Nissan marketing, being the preferred contact for their work requirements
Co-developed the standards and procedures for management of the graphic design team.
Responsible for user interface specification on several client projects
Established design team knowledgebase management

1998 - 1999
Rampage Multimedia
Responsibilities: Creation of Output on a weekly basis for Channel 9's Our House program (segment Real Estate Roundup)
Advise Cold Fusion programmers and ensure Web Pages met with sites graphic look & feel
Maintain Look & Feel for Metcard brochures, press ads, maps, etc. etc.
Skills learnt: CD-Rom production
Press Ad production
Output requirements for Broadcast Television
Client liaison
Following a written brief
Time Management
Time estimates for quoting purposes
Extended HTML
Web based research
Product Design, Cognitive Design, Site Layout, Site Functionality
Achievements: Weekly Segment on Our House (Real Estate Roundup)
Press Ads for Metcards (plus website, brochures, maps, stickers, etc.)
User Interface for Telstra Surelink backend (TransAct 4)

1997 - 1998
Beam International [Beam Software/Melbourne House]
Responsibilities: Contract work -
Build of demo site for a pitch to the head of Netscape Australia for an Inbox Direct listing
Internet based research and collation of data for content database
Website usability feedback, input and testing
Skills learnt: Extended HTML
JavaScript Rollovers
Web based research
Product Design, Cognitive Design, Site Layout, Site Functionality
Achievements: Successful pitch to Netscape Australia
Head researcher of content for live site and Inbox Direct regular postings

1995 - 1997
The Keg restaurant
Responsibilities: Training staff Supervising staff
Monitoring stock levels
Skills learnt: Experience working in a team environment, handling responsibility and dealing with the public

  Freelance work including complete websites, site look & feels, corporate I.D.s, brochure & stationery design and graphical proposals for sales pitches (PowerPoint etc).

09.2001 Started my own business in Graphic Design Services
01.1999 Commenced work at - Web/Graphic Designer
11.1998 Completed Traineeship and continued as Graphic Designer at Rampage Multimedia
08.1997 Began 1 year Multimedia Traineeship with Rampage Multimedia
03.1997 Began contract work for Beam International to establish a new site ""
11.1996 Associate Diploma of Arts - Computer Aided Art and Design
00.1994 Victorian Certificate of Education
09.1994 Fine Art & Design - a Small Business Career
10.1993 Short Course - Life Drawing (O.E.C.T.)

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