When paying a fortune for basic service eventually got too frustrating, Renault came to me for a breath of fresh air – and repairs.


Renault have only been in Australia for the past few years. A new player in the vast Australian automotive industry has a lot of work ahead to make a breakthrough.

Their online site was not pretty and eventually they came to me to sort out the mess. Renault’s website was so badly built, with out of date technologies, that cleaning it up was very nearly a complete rebuild. Every page, and almost every line of code was affected.

Even so, the site upgrade and update was still only a fraction of the cost of what they originally paid for the mess they were left with. A good lesson learned. More money doesn’t necessarily mean better results or superior service.

The Renault site still remains a patchwork quilt. Much of the site is adapted from European or British Renault sites to save costs. The site does work now though, and it a lot more usable than before.

Many efficiencies and processes have been built into the improved site to make updates to data quick and cheap. An important aspect for any business.

My clients at Renault have been kind enough to write about their experience dealing with Anthony Edge Graphic Design Services here.

Visit the live Renault website here: www.renault.com.au

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