It seems a long time ago since I started working for Nissan’s Australian interests. Three full website redevelopments and 5 full years of on-call maintenance.

Nissan in Australia has a very small population and sales base compared to other countries where Nissan’s are sold. They want to supply their customers with up to date and accurate information via the internet just like in bigger markets, but with a limited local budget they were struggling to compete with their overseas brothers.

They was some scepticism at first when I was suggested as an alternative to a bigger IT company. Many years down the track they have a site that is comparable in userability, design and functionality to many other countries, and their ongoing maintenance is extremely cost effective.

My clients at Nissan have been kind enough to write about their experience dealing with Anthony Edge Graphic Design Services here.

Here’s some screenshots of the various transformations of the Nissan site that I’ve been responsible for over the years.

Visit the live Nissan website here:

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